Ricks Motorsport Electrics

E-commerce Search Engine Optimization Case Study

The Problem

Ricks Motorsport Electrics had become a leader in the after market motor sport parts industry, but knew their digital marketing efforts could yield greater benefit – so they were seeking a company to help bring their digital efforts to the next level.   

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to first make extensive onsite structural updates to unlock the potential of the sites thousands of products. We dynamically restructured pages and meta data, and embedded various schema types to each product page. 

Once we completed onsite updates, we went to work on a plan laser focused on raising domain authority to above the current market leaders. Once we accomplished our target domain authority, we began drilling down on specific categories and parts.

We then went on to create and refine laser focused remarketing and email campaigns.   

The Results

The results have been astonishing across the board. Rick’s now owns the organic search rankings for nearly every major product keyword, many product categories, and has introduced a wealth of long tail content further positioning Rick’s as an authority in their space.     


Increase In Traffic


“When we were approached by Walmart asking to carry our products, we asked them why they had approached us and they said we were everywhere online , we couldn’t be ignored – so keep up the good work!”      

Amanda L

Head Of Communications, Ricks Motorsport Electrics

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