Pathways Jax

SEO Proposal 


From analyzing your web presence, we can report the following findings: 

– Your domain authority is 5 while the domain authority for high ranking keywords in the Jacksonville addiction recovery industry is 16. 

– Currently your website does not include a strong call to action. It requires more clicks then needed to convert a customer.

– Your site does not currently have a special offer, a chat system or exit intent functionality.

–  The current structure of your content in not conducive to an effective SEO strategy as separate services do not have their own pages. 


Scope Of Services

Will complete work in the following areas. Monthly services will be prioritized based on greatest impact and you will receive a full accounting of completed work along with analytics each month.  


Keyword Research

Using industry leading software we look deep into Google’s search queries for so-called “Golden-nugget keywords,” which are the words & phrases that provide the highest likelihood to convert.


Content Structuring

For your website to be visible in search results, search engines, we have to structure content and the underlying code to be as indexable as possible including content, such as link structures and HTML features like alt tags for images.


Conversion Architecture

In order for your site to convert the highest possible amount of leads, its important to create the most seamless experience possible for users submit their information to become a lead. Testing different headlines, content, offers and available forms of communication is the best way arrive at the highest possible conversion rate.  



We will set up a complex, dynamic tracking system that will allow us to understand how people are moving through the site and what we should adjust foo the best conversion rate possible.


Website Performance

Website performance such as page speed and responsivness contribute to the effectiveness of your website and ability to convert leads. 


Back link Campaign

Your website’s backlink profile is one of the most important aspects of your website’s ability do rank organically in search engines like Google. It’s not just the quantity of external websites that point to yours; it’s the quality and relevancy of those websites. We develop custom link building and link earning campaigns designed to expand your backlink profile, finding high-quality and relevant sites that send strong trust and authority signals to Google.

Recommended Budget: $600/mo


After analysis of your company and the direct competition in your industry, we have found the ideal budget to compete would be $600/mo 

Measuring Our Performance

Primary Performance Indicators 


We will install a complex, in depth tracking system which will measure form submissions, calls and other user actions. 

Website Traffic

Using analytics we will analyze traffic and engagament to understand which work is most effective.

Search Engine Rankings

We will track Google rankings and compare benchmarks each month.