Flagler Broadcasting

Website Redesign & Digital Marketing Proposal 


From analyzing your web presence, we can report the following findings: 

Website Findings

– The websites current CMS is Webflow. The Webflow platform has been in decline since 2017 and now constitutes less than 5% of the CMS market. To allow the site to retain a modern user experience and take advantage of new standards and functionality, we recommend changing the CMS to WordPress.

– The current mobile experience of the website requires updates for usability and navigation.

– The website’s meta data and the layout structure is not ideal for search engines. 

– Separate pages should be created for each each advertiser which should include a SEO element framework to signal categorical data to search engines. 

– A website builder system should be implemented to allow the Flagler Broadcating team to make updates as needed and allow them to execute new ideas quickly.        

Digital Marketing Findings

The sites domain authority is 31 while the domain authority for advertising partners is often in the single digits. this presents the opportunity to be able to raise advertising clients visibility and search engines to a level which would not be possible with their own site.

Recommended Scope Of Services

Based on our analysis of your website and digital presence, we recommend the following services. 

Website Rebuild

For the benefit of creating a sustainable, scalable long term digital presence with a modern user experience and functionality, we recommend rebuilding flaglerbroadcasting.com in WordPress using the Divi theme. This rebuild will include the current pages of the site as well as new improved framework for advertisers.

This site will include but not be limited to the following functionality.


Page Builder

The site will include an integration of the Divi visual page builder which will allow for employees with no coding experience and minimal technical ability to make updates to the site efficiently. 


Ongoing Support

Our team will provide 1.5 hours per month of development updates each month, which will roll into the following month if not used. In addition – a team member will provide an analytics report, and provide a one-hour meeting to discuss analytics insights bimonthly


Responsive Design

The design we create will be responsive (also known as smartphone and tablet friendly), meaning the website will respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.  As the user switches from their laptop to iPad for example, the website will automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. The website will have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences.


Onsite SEO

We will build the site using the most current search engine friendly principals. We will optimize all available elements sufficiently so that your website can be found and indexed by search engines such as Google. We are uniquely positioned to offer this service having developed SEO strategies for both established and emerging sites across a wide variety of industries.


Conversion Architecture

In order for your site to convert the highest possible amount of visitors into engaged listeners, its important to create the most seamless experience possible for users with a fresh and interactive experience.  



We will set up a complex, dynamic tracking system that will allow us to understand how people are moving through the site and what we should adjust foo the best conversion rate possible.



Website performance such as page speed and responsivness contribute to the effectiveness of your website and ability to convert leads. 


Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross browser compatibility ensures that the design works properly and that its appearance is error free and functional in all major browsers. We will create this design for use in recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge.

Recommended Budget: $5600


Expected Timeline: 6 to 10 weeks

Social Media Consulting

Our social media consulting services include strategic planning, technology workflows, content creation processes and deep ongoing analysis and insights. 



We will develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that will drill down into deep insights, channel by channel to create finely tuned audiences. We will assess current and future states, including themes, messaging, calls to action, audiences, social media “shows” and channel alignments, metrics and measurement, and amplification. This deliverable also includes an unveiling of the key strategic transformations necessary to meet business objectives.


Management Operations

We will produce detailed processes and technology workflows that specifies efficient, consistent tasks to put into practice the new/improved organic and paid social media program described in a strategy summary. 


Ongoing Analysis

We will meet monthly to offer support, answer questions, refine playbooks, connect dots, and deliver concise reports in progress.

Recommended Budget: $200/mo


Meeting Frequency: Monthly